Meet Pretty Paws Owner, Deb Salaita

Deb has more than twenty-five years experience working with large and small animals

Living on a horse farm in Tennessee, Deb and her family bred, raised and showed all-around Quarter horses for over 20 years. Never one to say "no" to an animal, the farm was home to horses, ducks, chickens, goats, turkeys, guinea fowl, cats, dogs and a rabbit.                                                                                                                                  In 2008, a fellow equestrian introduced her to the dog grooming world.  After graduating from grooming school, Deb embarked on achieving excellence in the pet grooming industry. Specializing in AKC breed cuts and working with talented, seasoned groomers, Deb developed an eye for skillful grooming while maintaining a heart for the animals. 

The Highest of Standards

Deb will provide gentle, individualized care for your pet with the best equipment and products available. Cage free, no rush, less stress, home-based grooming designed specifically for your fur baby.

Your Pet is in Good Hands with Deb

Deb has an excellent understanding of your pet's health and grooming needs. Nervous and senior pets, puppies, previous injuries or surgeries all need to be handled carefully and competently.